Calgar C pres. Elements #158


1. I Gotta Let You Know (Extended Mix) – The Thrillseekers, KATHERINE AMY
2. You (Extended Mix) – Fabio XB
3. Mota-Mota (Talla 2XLC Remix) – Markus Schulz, Talla 2xlc, Dakota, Koen Groeneveld
4. Sirens of the Sea (Extended Mix) – Three Drives
5. Suddenly (Original Mix) – Manuel Rocca
6. I Am Now (Mhammed El Alami Extended Remix) – Bogdan Vix, Mhammed El Alami, Lucid Blue
7. Deja Vu feat. Jan Johnston (James Dymond Extended Remix) – Jan Johnston, Mark Sherry, James Dymond, Dark Fusion
8. Psycolada (Extended Club Mix) – Para X
9. Spirits (Inner Sphere Remix) – Zyce, Inner Sphere
10. Oxygene, Pt. 4 (Original Mix) – Jean-Michel Jarre

Calgar C pres. Elements #157


1. I Gotta Let You Know (Extended Mix) – The Thrillseekers, KATHERINE AMY
2. Your Dawn feat. Stine Grove (Emanuele Braveri & Amo R Extended Remix) – Emanuele Braveri, Stine Grove, Ultimate, Solis & Sean Truby, Amo R
3. Inside Out feat. Angel Falls (Original Mix) – Eximinds, Angel Falls
4. Emotions Away (Protoculture Remix) – 4 Strings, Protoculture, Carol Lee
5. Moonchild (Alex Shore Remix) – Max Graham, Alex Shore
6. Bead Town (Original Mix) – Simon Templar
7. Herculean (Original Mix) – Alan Morris, Daniel Skyver
8. Transient Garden (Original Mix) – Chris Metcalfe
9. The Love Frequency (Extended Mix) – Thomas Datt
10. Atmospheres (Original Mix) – Kaystone


Calgar C amazes us with a number of great tracks this year. Now he brings you an incredible uplifting tune. Packed with hypnotic Arpeggios, beautiful melodies, gorgeous pads, and a wonderful remix by W!SS this track is sure to send feels down your spine.

LABEL: Elektric Cafe
ARTIST: Calgar C
RELEASE DATE: 08/07/17