Calgar C pres. Elements #172


1. Falcon (Extended Mix) – Abstract Vision
2. less Like me (Original mix) – Calgar C, Apex Sound
3. Try Again feat. Tiff Lacey (Arctic Moon Remix) – Phynn, Tiff Lacey, Arctic Moon
4. Somewhere in Spacetime (Extended Mix) – Robert Nickson
5. Faces feat. Kate Miles (Manuel Le Saux Remix) – Manuel Le Saux, Kate Miles, Anna Lee
6. Opus Dei (Extended Mix) – ReOrder, Ram
7. Open Your Eyes (Original Mix) – Sacred 7
8. Morning Glory (Original Mix) – Tandem
9. Event Storm (Original Mix) – Magnus
10. Beautiful feat. Jan Johnston (Original Mix) – DJ Shah

Calgar C pres. Elements #171


1. Four (Extended Mix) – BT
2. I Pray (Extended Mix) – Ellie Lawson, Frainbreeze
3. The Lonely Soldier (Solarstone Extended Pure Mix) – Solarstone, Eco
4. Vixen (Pt. I & II Solarstone Extended Retouch) – Solarstone, Outer Pulse
5. Less Like Me (Original Mix) – Calgar C, Apex Sound
6. Every Other Way (PureNRG Remix) – BT, JES, PureNRG
7. Narayana (Original Mix) – Mindsurfer
8. Cosmic Dust (Original Mix) – Christopher Lawrence, Orpheus
9. Summoning Voices (Original Mix) – Ilai
10. Every Other Way (Calgar C Remix) – BT, JES, Calgar C

Calgar C pres. Elements #170


1. Time for Change (Extended Mix) – Driftmoon
2. The Lonely Soldier (Solarstone Extended Pure Mix) – Solarstone, Eco
3. Free Your Mind (Extended Mix) – Ciaran McAuley
4. Under the Diving Bell (Extended Mix) – Marco Torrance, Natasha Jaffe
5. It Makes Me Wonder (Steve Allen Extended Remix) – Talla 2xlc, Steve Allen
6. Paradise Inc (Original Mix) – Three Drives
7. No Ordinary Day (Abstract Vision Remix) – Abstract Vision, Emma Lock, Alexander Turok
8. I Am Alive (Original Mix) – Paul van Dyk
9. Extra Life (Original Mix) – Bjorn Akesson
10. Nairobi (Alex M.O.R.P.H. ‘s Synthetic Empire Remix) – Alex M.O.R.P.H., Realm F, Rankey

Less Like Me

Introducing Apex Sound, with his first release on Elektric Cafe. A collaboration between Apex Sound and Calgar C comes a beautiful trance banger sure to send chills down your spine.

LABEL: Elektric Cafe
ARTIST: Calgar C, Apex Sound
RELEASE DATE: 27/11/17

Calgar C pres. Elements #169


1. On A Good Day (Original Mix) – Shatadru Sensharma, Youssef Chen
2. Merle (Extended Mix) – Steve Brian, Pete Severano
3. Breaking Dawn (Original Mix) – Alex M.O.R.P.H., Paul van Dyk
4. Inhale (Original Mix) – Fred Baker, Paul van Dyk, M.I.K.E. Push
5. Touched By Heaven (Original Mix) – Paul van Dyk
6. Under the Diving Bell (Extended Mix) – Marco Torrance, Natasha Jaffe
7. Alive Tonight feat. Jasmine Chloe (Original Mix) – Indecent Noise, Jasmine Chloe
8. Lord Shiva (Original Mix) – Mekkanikka
9. Windfall (Original Mix) – Ancestral Sounds
10. Love Stimulation (Love Mix) – Paul van Dyk, Humate, Gerret Frerichs

Calgar C pres. Elements #168


1. Merle (Extended Mix) – Steve Brian, Pete Severano
2. The Story Of Your Heart (Extended Mix) – 4 Strings, Katty Heath
3. Your Light feat. Marjan (Extended Mix)- Moonsouls, Ultimate, Marjan
4. Atlantis (Original Mix) – Mart Sine
5. Roam (Extended Mix) – Ronski Speed, Farhad Mahdavi
6. Altern8 Patterns (Pitch Bend Remix) – Ace Ventura, Pitch Bend
7. Shaman (Original Mix) – Limbo, Goawave
8. Strange Modulation (Original Mix) – Modus
9. Walk Your Way (Original Mix) – Out of Range
10. Australis (Original Mix) – Talla 2xlc

Calgar C pres. Elements #167


1. Interference (Original Mix) – Eximinds
2. Broken Child (Extended Mix) – Steve Allen, Sarah Lynn
3. Time & Again (Original Mix) – Allende
4. Nebula (Original Mix) – DJ Yorrin
5. Atlantis (Original Mix) – Mart Sine
6. Bliss (Extended Mix) – Cold Blue
7. Trust in the Wind (Cold Blue Remix) – Cold Blue, Eco, Driftmoon
8. Dream On (Karti Remix) – Coming Soon!!!, Katri
9. Storm (Original Mix) – WHITENO1SE
10. 450 ( Original Mix) – Sebastian Brandt

Apex Sound

Apex Sound is the trance alias of the Netherlands based producer and DJ Jordy D. He came into contact with trance and hard dance music during his high school period, mainly through listening to livesets of Dutch dance festivals.

When visiting these festivals in his early 20’s, he knew he wanted to do something similar as the artists he saw performing there. So he decided to take up the challenge to become active into music himself: First focussed on making hard dance DJ live-sets and festival warm-up sets, while also moving slowly to become a producer.

Not having any theoretical musical knowledge up untill that point, he worked long hours to create a sound of his own. Learning step by step. Big inspirations being tracks from the likes of Gareth Emery, Orjan Nilsen and Markus Schulz, but also more EDM oriënted trance music from producers like Omnia. One of his favorite all-time classics being Paul van Dyk’s ‘For an Angel’.

His style ranges from progressive to full-on trance, while also incorporiting influences from other EDM genres into much of his tracks. He always tries to find inspiration from these other EDM genres to make something new in trance. After producing for over 3 years, he is now ready to get his tracks out there! Starting of with a release together with label owner Calgar C

Calgar C pres. Elements #166


1. Hemispheres (Expanded)by John 00 Fleming
2. Ancient Dance (Impulser Remix)by Ilai, Static Movement
3. Awakening Dreams (Original Mix)by Liquid Soul
4. 1998 (Original Mix)by Orpheus
5. Mapusa (Extended Mix)by Ultimate
6. Nebula (Original Mix)by DJ Yorrin
7. The Faded Red & Blue (Suncatcher Remix)by Suncatcher, Steve Brian
8. Sands of Time (Original Mix)by Andres Sanchez, Sue McLaren
9. Follow Your Dream (Original Mix)by Sound Apparel
10. Like A Waterfall (Original Mix)by Solarstone

Calgar C pres. Elements #165


1. Metamorphosis (Original Mix) – Steve Allen
2. Sands of Time (Original Mix) – Andres Sanchez, Sue McLaren, Jules Porter
3. On This Day feat. Robin Vane (Extended Mix) – Eloquentia, Robin Vane, Mhammed El Alami
4. All Heaven (Extended Mix) – Aly & Fila, Ana Criado
5. Lahore (Original Mix) – Alex Ryan
6. Cloud 9 (Oraw Remix) – Yahel, Tammy
7. Medium (Original Mix) – Doppler, Tresde
8. Access to Consciousness (Original Mix) – enesia, Starlab (IN)
9. Goodbye Dubai (Original Mix) – Atmos
10. Saltwater feat. Moya Brennan (Thrillseekers Ambient Mix) – Chicane, Thrillseekers, Moya Brennan