Almost Blue

Calgar C Does it again with a calm relaxing uplifter. with a gorgeous breakdown and a beautiful melody, this track is sure to make you feel good.





LABEL: Elektric Cafe
ARTIST: Calgar C
RELEASE DATE: 08/03/15

ECR 002 – Mixed by Calgar C

ECR 002 – Mixed by Calgar C by Elektric Cafe on Mixcloud


1. Praxia (Manu Riga remix) – ART OF TRANCE
2. A Touch Of Grace (Original Mix) – Airwave
3. Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged mix) – ANDAIN
4. Every Other Way (Calgar C Remix) – BT, Jes
5. ALmost Blue (Original Mix) – Calgar C
6. Once (Pure Mix) – Solarstone, Iko
7. Shield (Pt. I) (Calgar C Remix) – Solarstone
8. Walk The Edge (Alex MORPH B2B Woody Van Eyden vocal mix) – Alex MORPH
9. RAMelia (Tribute To Amelia) (Original Mix) – Susana, Ram
10. The Spell (Solarstone Pure Mix) – Solarstone, Clare Stagg
11. Samurai (Original Mix) – Calgar C12.
12. S.T.A.Y. (Calgar C Remix) – Hans Zimmer
13. Winter Falls (Original Mix) – Calgar C
14. Pistolero (Sub6 Remix) – Juno Reactor
15. Magic Flute (Original Mix) – Ikerya Project
16. Enlightened Evolution (Original Mix) – Astral Projection
17. The Imperial Echos Of Devastation (Original Mix) – John 00 Fleming
18. Sonic Noise (Original Mix) – Burn In Noise, Sonic Species
19. Oceanlab_-_Satellite_(Original_Above___Beyond_mix)_- SIDNEY OCEANLAB
20. Until the End feat. Kim Kiona (Original Mix) – Talla 2xlc, Ram, Kim Kiona



Dopeengineers is a production team consisting of A. Chickering and Lloyd Hunter. Both started as DJ’s in Austin, Texas in the early 90’s playing multiple clubs and venues. A shared love of EDM music eventually led to the desire to not just play music, but to make music as well. With influences as varied as hip hop, trance, acid, breakbeats, industrial and pop they started to create their own very individual sound. The Dopeengineers sound is often a very dark, oily, dirty mix of many genres but is often classified as “acid”.