1. Buenos Aires (Extended Mix) – Mhammed El Alami
2. Meet at the End feat. Tricia McTeague feat. Rory O’Grady (Amir Hussain Remix) – Craig Connelly, Amir Hussain, Tricia McTeague, Rory O’Grady
3. Lost Memories (Nitrous Oxide Remix) – Nitrous Oxide, Patric Arcee
4. Ananda (Extended Mix) – Menno De Jong
5. Find The Sun (Myde Extended Mix) – Raz Nitzan, Moya Brennan, Myde
6. Serengeti (Extended Mix) – Ram, Ciaran McAuley
7. Deranged (Extended Mix) – UCast
8. The Collective (Ghost Rider Remix) – Phaxe, Morten Granau, Ghost Rider
9. Forward Command (No Cliu Remix) – Magnus, No Cliu
10. Hearts (Original Mix) – L.S.G.

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