Elements 2018

Elements 2018, a 2 disk special featuring the best trance tunes from the past year! Enjoy 2 sets. A future set with uplifting melodies and Balearic tunes, as well as a classic set with all the Acid and prog you can handle.



1. Dancing With a Ghost (Club Mix)
2. I Gotta Let You Know (Extended Mix)
3. Saving Light (feat. HALIENE) (Original Mix)
4. My Innocence (Costa Extended Remix) – Lauge, Baba Gnohm, Sarah Lynn
5. Inside Out feat. Angel Falls (Original Mix)
6. Escape Reality Tonight feat. Rebecca Louise Burch (Original Mix)
7. Less Like me (Original Mix)
8. Every Other Way (PureNRG Remix)
9. Vanaheim (Original Mix) – Ahmed Rhomel
10. Goodbye (Original Mix)
11. Castles in the Sky (Extended Uplifting Mix)
12. Beyond The Lights (Extended Mix)
13. Wherever We Fly (Extended Mix)


1. Amber Sky (Basil O’Glue Remix)
2. Hemispheres (Expanded)
3. Higher State (Original Mix)
4. Summoning Voices (Original Mix)
5. We Close Doors (John Dopping Exile)
6. Psycolada (Extended Club Mix)
7. 1998 (Original Mix)
8. Say What (Original Mix)
9. Anjuna (Symbolic & Outsiders Remix)
10. Eternal (Original Mix)
11. We Are Universe (Original Mix)
12. Walk Your Way (Original Mix)
13. Lord Shiva (Original Mix)

Less Like Me

Introducing Apex Sound, with his first release on Elektric Cafe. A collaboration between Apex Sound and Calgar C comes a beautiful trance banger sure to send chills down your spine.

LABEL: Elektric Cafe
ARTIST: Calgar C, Apex Sound
RELEASE DATE: 27/11/17

Apex Sound

Apex Sound is the trance alias of the Netherlands based producer and DJ Jordy D. He came into contact with trance and hard dance music during his high school period, mainly through listening to livesets of Dutch dance festivals.

When visiting these festivals in his early 20’s, he knew he wanted to do something similar as the artists he saw performing there. So he decided to take up the challenge to become active into music himself: First focussed on making hard dance DJ live-sets and festival warm-up sets, while also moving slowly to become a producer.

Not having any theoretical musical knowledge up untill that point, he worked long hours to create a sound of his own. Learning step by step. Big inspirations being tracks from the likes of Gareth Emery, Orjan Nilsen and Markus Schulz, but also more EDM oriënted trance music from producers like Omnia. One of his favorite all-time classics being Paul van Dyk’s ‘For an Angel’.

His style ranges from progressive to full-on trance, while also incorporiting influences from other EDM genres into much of his tracks. He always tries to find inspiration from these other EDM genres to make something new in trance. After producing for over 3 years, he is now ready to get his tracks out there! Starting of with a release together with label owner Calgar C


Another uplifting banger from W!SS. with soaring melodies and driving basslines, this one will make you move.






LABEL: Elektric Cafe
ARTIST: Calgar C
RELEASE DATE: 06/03/17

Elements Volume 5

For the fifth year Calgar C brings you. the 5th installment of his Elements compilation series. Elements 5 packs 26 of the best tracks across 2 sets, spanning a year of trance and progressive. Featuring tracks from John 00 Flemming, Ahmed Rhomel, Aly & Fila, The Thrillseekers, Orkida and many more, get your copy  now on Beatport

Disc 1
Disc 2



DISC 1: Future Mix

1. Not Me (Original Mix) – Aeyln
2. SHE(Calgar C Mix) – Calgar C
3. New Horizons (Orignal Mix) –  Calgar C
4. Halcyon 2016 (Extended Mix) – The Thrillseekers
5. Memories (Ahmed Romel Remix) – Roman Messer, Julia Lav, Mhammed El Alami
6. Kingdoms (Extended Mix) – Aly & Fila, Ahmed Rhomel
7. Always the Sun feat. Simon (Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Remix) – Richard Durand, Simon
8. Hold Back The Storm (Original Mix) – Matt Bukovski, Katty Heath
9. What Could Be Better (Original Mix) – Talla 2xlc, Jilliana Danise
10. Unbreakable (Extended Mix) – Aly & Fila, Susana, Roger Shah
11. You’ll Find Me There feat. Amy Kirkpatrick (The Cracken Remix) – Dirkie Coetzee, Amy Kirkpatrick
12. Under Your Spell (Original Mix) – Aneym, Ferrin & Morris
13. Don’t Give Up feat. Natalie Gioia (Craig Connelly Remix) – Ram, Chris Metcalfe, Natalie Gioia

DISC 2: Classic Mix

1. Indigenous Rights (Original Mix) – Manu Riga
2. Nana (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) – Orkidea
3. The Quest For Beauty (Fuel Terrace Mix) – Airwave
4. Spiritual Outsiders (Original Mix) – Simon O’Shine
5. Doctor Who (Original Mix) – Giuseppe Ottaviani
6. Light & Love (Original Mix) – Static Movement
7. Healing (Liquid Soul Remix) – John 00 Flemming
8. Trance Mantra (Sound Control Remix) (Original Mix) –  Ovnimoon, Ascent, The Key
9. Reactor (Original Mix) – Protonica
10. Deep Jungle Walk (Original Mix) – Astrix
11. The Journey (Original Mix) – Alex M.O.R.P.H., Liquid Soul
12. Tribal Warrior (Original Mix) – Christopher Lawrence, Orpheus
13. Distorted (Christopher Lawrence Remix) – Orpheus



Nocturna is a wavetable FM synth VSTI for Microsoft Windows. Including 2 wavetable Oscillators, dual LFOs, and Sub Oscillators Nocturna allows you to get deep into sound design. Included is a large sound Library with a 64 preset library, future expansions and dozens of waveforms.



The Wavetable inside Nocturna allows you to shape and create your own waveforms, as well as save them for future use. With separate Envelopes and Filters for each Oscillator the possibilities are endless.



Nocturna comes with a full featured Modulation section. Included are 2 LFOs with an LFO matrix allowing you to map them to a number of functions. 2 super clean Sub oscillators and a Wave Generator.



The Wave Generator inside Nocturna loads and plays 24 bit wav Files. You can use the Wave Generator to modulate other oscillators for cool effects and weird noises.



The Envelope Generator is an Envelope where the attack, decay, sustain, and release can be mapped to an X/Y pad and then sent to various Oscillators. This allows for some sweet synths.



Nocturna has a superb FX engine Including various FX such as, Four Q equalizer, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and Compressor. The FX can be arranged in any order using the matrix at the bottom.



Required specs.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or better (AMD equivalent)
HDD: about 20mb HDD space.
RAM: 512mb or more.
OS: Windows 7 or better ( any daw that supports 32bit VST plugins)




Born and raised in Lebanon, W!SS is a DJ and producer who fell in love with EDM in a young age, but everything changed when he listened to Exploration of Space by Cosmic Gate, this track introduced him to Trance music.

Ten years later, W!SS started to learn how to DJ, how to beatmatch, using only some internet articles, and starting with some DJ software, but then he wanted to take things to the next level!
Armed only with a DAW, some plugins and the internet, W!SS started to learn some music theories, and started experimenting with producing Trance music.
after several years he is now ready to be called an Artist and he knows that every day, he will learn something new and how to enhance his sounds, so someday he hopes to fulfill his dream of becoming a big producer, and he can keep the promise he took to himself when he first attended his first ever Trance gig…




Elektric Cafe – Calgar C remix contest

Elektric Cafe – Calgar C remix contest

START DATE: 10/29/2015
END DATE: 11/23/2015
VOTING: 12/7/2015

You may submit as many tracks as you like. All tracks must be submited in the form as private soundcloud or hearthis.at links to info@calgarc.com with downloads enabled.

– An offical release of the remix on Elektric Cafe.
– A Collaboration on an original track with Calgar C.
– A pair of lightly used socks (just kidding).

The ARTIST guarantees that the Musical Composition he/she creates is an original work within the meaning of the copyright law. By submitting his/her remix, the ARTIST grants for a period of twelve(12) months exclusive usage license. To be eligible, the ARTIST must not be locked into a contract with another label. The ARTIST may submit as many tracks as he/she wants. The ARTIST must own all rights to loops and samples he/she has used in the creation of his/her work.

You may download a zip with the stems HERE which includes a copy of the full mp3

ECR 001 – mixed by Ru-Bix vs Jester

We have launched our Elektric Cafe Radio podcast. Here we have our first mix done the one and only Ru-Bix vs Jester. QUite a few amazing tracks in this mix, Enjoy.

ECR 001 – mixed by Ru-Bix vs Jester


1. Chris Oblivion – Co-Ordinates (Original Ghostly Mix)
2. Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp (Der Dritte Raum Ison Adaption)
3. John 00 Fleming – The Beast From The East (The Lightside)
4. Union Jack – Two Full Moons & A Trout (Airwave Remix)
5. Binary Finary – 1998 (End Of The World Rework)
6. E-Clip – Chandra (Insert Name Remix)
7. Liquid Soul – Prophecy (Zyce & Flegma Remix)
8. Egorythmia – Beyond Gravity
9. Airwave – Gaijin

ECR 002 – Mixed by Calgar C

ECR 002 – Mixed by Calgar C by Elektric Cafe on Mixcloud


1. Praxia (Manu Riga remix) – ART OF TRANCE
2. A Touch Of Grace (Original Mix) – Airwave
3. Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged mix) – ANDAIN
4. Every Other Way (Calgar C Remix) – BT, Jes
5. ALmost Blue (Original Mix) – Calgar C
6. Once (Pure Mix) – Solarstone, Iko
7. Shield (Pt. I) (Calgar C Remix) – Solarstone
8. Walk The Edge (Alex MORPH B2B Woody Van Eyden vocal mix) – Alex MORPH
9. RAMelia (Tribute To Amelia) (Original Mix) – Susana, Ram
10. The Spell (Solarstone Pure Mix) – Solarstone, Clare Stagg
11. Samurai (Original Mix) – Calgar C12.
12. S.T.A.Y. (Calgar C Remix) – Hans Zimmer
13. Winter Falls (Original Mix) – Calgar C
14. Pistolero (Sub6 Remix) – Juno Reactor
15. Magic Flute (Original Mix) – Ikerya Project
16. Enlightened Evolution (Original Mix) – Astral Projection
17. The Imperial Echos Of Devastation (Original Mix) – John 00 Fleming
18. Sonic Noise (Original Mix) – Burn In Noise, Sonic Species
19. Oceanlab_-_Satellite_(Original_Above___Beyond_mix)_- SIDNEY OCEANLAB
20. Until the End feat. Kim Kiona (Original Mix) – Talla 2xlc, Ram, Kim Kiona