We have launched our Elektric Cafe Radio podcast. Here we have our first mix done the one and only Ru-Bix vs Jester. QUite a few amazing tracks in this mix, Enjoy.

ECR 001 – mixed by Ru-Bix vs Jester


1. Chris Oblivion – Co-Ordinates (Original Ghostly Mix)
2. Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp (Der Dritte Raum Ison Adaption)
3. John 00 Fleming – The Beast From The East (The Lightside)
4. Union Jack – Two Full Moons & A Trout (Airwave Remix)
5. Binary Finary – 1998 (End Of The World Rework)
6. E-Clip – Chandra (Insert Name Remix)
7. Liquid Soul – Prophecy (Zyce & Flegma Remix)
8. Egorythmia – Beyond Gravity
9. Airwave – Gaijin

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