Elektric Cafe – Calgar C remix contest

START DATE: 10/29/2015
END DATE: 11/23/2015
VOTING: 12/7/2015

You may submit as many tracks as you like. All tracks must be submited in the form as private soundcloud or hearthis.at links to info@calgarc.com with downloads enabled.

– An offical release of the remix on Elektric Cafe.
– A Collaboration on an original track with Calgar C.
– A pair of lightly used socks (just kidding).

The ARTIST guarantees that the Musical Composition he/she creates is an original work within the meaning of the copyright law. By submitting his/her remix, the ARTIST grants for a period of twelve(12) months exclusive usage license. To be eligible, the ARTIST must not be locked into a contract with another label. The ARTIST may submit as many tracks as he/she wants. The ARTIST must own all rights to loops and samples he/she has used in the creation of his/her work.

You may download a zip with the stems HERE which includes a copy of the full mp3


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