This year marks the 4th instalment of Calgar C’s compilation series.  Prepare to be taken on a journey, with nearly 3 hours of music 26 tracks spanning 2 discs,  selected and mixed by Calgar C, and featuring the best trance tunes of the  past year.

Disc one features that modern sound, with uplifting melodies and haunting vocals. While the second disc does the exact opposite, Providing you with that classic deep, dark, and hypnotic sound trance is known for.  This is Trance… This is Elements vol. 4.

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1. Redemeer’s Sundown (Etasonic Ambient Mix) Etasonic, Allam, Emanuele Congeddu
2. Anzoo (Original Mix) – Gai Barone
3. Guardian (Sunset Mix) – Aly & Fila, Paul Van Dyk, Sue Mclaren
4. Panache (Abdou Ramoul Remix) – Abdou Ramoul, Airbase
5. ALmost Blue (Original Mix) – Calgar C
6. Once (Pure Mix) – Solarston, IKO
7. All Of Us (Original Mix) – Standerwick, Jennefer Rene
8. Take Me Away (Calgar C Remix) – Calgar C, 4 Strings
9. Take You Away (Dennis Pedersen & A.R.D.I. Remix) – Dennis Pedersen, A.R.D.I, Monoverse, Leolani
10. The Boneyard (Original Mix) – James Drummond
11. Sentinel of Life: AWOT 2015 Anthem (Ken Plus Ichiro Remix) – Zirenz, Sebastian Montano
12. Lands Of Soho (Original Mix) – Illitheas, Ahmed Romel
13. Until the End feat. Kim Kiona (Original Mix) – Talla 2xlc, RAM, Kim Kiona

1. 7263 (Original Mix) – Orienotti
2. A Touch Of Grace (Original Mix) – Airwave
3. Lost (Original Mix) Calgar C
4. Genesis (Original Mix) – Cosmithex, Daniel Lesden
5. Magic Flute (Original Mix) – Ikerya Project
6. Dancing Galaxy (DigiCult Remix) – Digicult, Astral Projection
7. The Weeping Willow (Original Mix) – The Digital Blonde
8. Samurai (Original Mix) – Calgar C
9. Z21 (Original Mix) – Activa, Orkidea
10. Spaceman’s Theme (Original Mix) – Robert Vadney
11. Collateral Damage (Original Mix) Nick Silvestri
12. The Imperial Echos Of Devastation (Original Mix) – John 00 Flemming
13. Sonic Noise (Original Mix) – Burn in Noise, Sonic Species

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