Born and raised in Lebanon, W!SS is a DJ and producer who fell in love with EDM in a young age, but everything changed when he listened to Exploration of Space by Cosmic Gate, this track introduced him to Trance music.

Ten years later, W!SS started to learn how to DJ, how to beatmatch, using only some internet articles, and starting with some DJ software, but then he wanted to take things to the next level!
Armed only with a DAW, some plugins and the internet, W!SS started to learn some music theories, and started experimenting with producing Trance music.
after several years he is now ready to be called an Artist and he knows that every day, he will learn something new and how to enhance his sounds, so someday he hopes to fulfill his dream of becoming a big producer, and he can keep the promise he took to himself when he first attended his first ever Trance gig…




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